The Meaghers & Mahers are on their way home !!!

A Big shout out to all the O’Meachairs / Mahers / Meaghers / Marrs / Meachars to Come on Home!

On 22nd and 23rd August 2014, a two-day celebration of the ancient O’Meachair clan and their traditional homeland, the Barony of Ikerrin, will be held. This is the first ever celebration of both this beautiful and historic area of North Tipperary and of this unique and ancient Gaelic clan.

Among the events planned are an art exhibition on the theme of the Devil’s Bit; an academic conference on the late medieval period; a genealogy workshop to discover your O’Meachair / Maher / Meagher ancestry and a medieval-themed social event that will include music, food, drama and pageantry.

It is hoped that this event will encourage all of those who are O’Meachair descendants, as well as those who originate from the Barony of Ikerrin, to come and join the fun and rediscover their roots.

Dooley Car Rentals are offering a 10% discount on Car Rental for all the clan. Use the discount code Clan2014 during your online booking or let our reservations team have the discount code when booking by telephone. We hope the event is very successful and a great time is had by all.

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Free additional driver car rental offers Ireland

If you are a Dooley car hire customer that wants the added flexibility of an additional driver for the duration of your rental, then keep a look out for the great rental deals we have on offer for additional drivers.  All bookings which for more then 7 days receive the chance to add an additional driver for free! This car rental promotional offer is available for all rental pick ups in the month of April 2014 and this offer could save you a minimum of €70. This offer is only available for online bookings and is not available in conjunction with any other offer

Use the code: April04 when you are booking online or call our reservations line +353 62 53103 and provide them with the code

Don’t forget, Summer is fast approaching, now is the time to start booking your car rental needs. Booking early means you can access the cheapest rates and the best range of rental vehicles on our web site

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Whats Included in Car Rental Quotes ?

All inclusive Car Rental

What’s included in your Dooley Car Rentals quote?

We know that renting a car for the first time can often be a daunting process. That is why Dooley Car Rentals try to make that process as easy, accessible and consumer friendly as possible. We pride ourselves on having transparent and easy to understand pricing that is clear for all to see.

Our Dooley Price Guarantee is our promise to you that you will only pay what is quoted in the price on our web site. There are no hidden charges or non optional extra costs that will be added to to your quote when you pick up the car.

Therefore we would like to take a moment to explain to you what’s included in your Dooley Car Rental quote when you book a car. Essentially it’s everything you need to take the car and drive off on your journey.

When you make a car rental booking in Ireland our quote includes:

  • The cost of the hiring the vehicle which includes unlimited mileageNo Extra Charges For Car Rental
  • Vehicle Road Tax fees
  • Any City or Airport surcharge if applicable
  • Vehicle Damage Cover (Subject to an excess)
  • Vehicle Theft Cover. (Subject to an excess)
  • Third Party Insurance.
  • Collision Damage Insurance (CDW) (unless you choose not to include)
  • VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Cross Border Driving Fee (We don’t charge this unlike others)
  • Driver Age Surcharge will be quoted & included if applicable
  • Out of Hours Pickup (if a charge applies it will be included in the quote)
  • One Way Rentals (if a charge applies it will be included in the quote)
  • 24 Hour Breakdown Cover

As you can see this list provides everything in one quote for you to drive off straight away.

However, we believe in making your journey as easy and stress free as possible. That’s why we also provide other great products, at additional charges, to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

What’s not included in your quote, but available to purchase as an optional extra:

Additional Insurance Cover – Our Additional Insurance Cover provides the following additional insurance cover (on top of the basic cover included in your quote):

  • Excess Liability – All rentals that include CDW and are subject to liability excess, ranging from €1,200 to €2,200 depending on the vehicle in the Republic of Ireland and ranging from £600 to £800 depending on the vehicle in Northern Ireland.  Super Damage Waiver Insurance (SDW) can be purchased to reduce the excess liability amount. In the Republic of Ireland you may reduce the excess to €100 if you purchase Super Damage Waiver Insurance (SDW). In Northern Ireland you may reduce the excess to zero if you purchase Super Damage Waiver Insurance (SDW). The rates per day to reduce the excess by car type range from €15 to €22 per day in the Rep of Ireland and £10 to 12 in Northern Ireland. Please click here to get more info on insurance terms and conditions.
  • Tyres & Glass Coverage – You may reduce the liability for tyre and glass damage to zero for a payment of €5/UK£4 per rental day.
  • PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) – giving you cover for medical expenses in the event of an accident. This may be purchased for €6.50/£5 per day and covers the driver only to a maximum of €12,500/ £10,000

Additional Drivers – only the driver named on the rental agreement is covered as standard. Additional drivers can be added at time of pick up. The cost for each additional driver is €10/£8 per day. Normal age and licence requirements apply to all additional named drivers.

Fuel Charges – All customers will be charged locally for a full tank of fuel and will be requested to return the vehicle empty. This policy is enforced for rentals of 4 days or longer. For rentals of 3 days or less, the customer has an option to return the car full or empty. If returned full, a refund of fuel charged will be given, however there will be no refunds for cars returned with a partially full tank of fuel.

GPS – To make getting from A to B that much easier and stress free with a Dooley Car Rentals GPS  satellite navigation device (available from all Irish car rental locations)

Child & Booster Seats – it’s a legal requirement for children to use one of these seats if they are under 12 years of age, or, under 135cm. Both Booster Seats and Child Seats are available, once they are requested at the time the booking is made. The cost is €40/£35 per rental. Our child seats are forward facing and are suitable for children between 9kg – 18kg. Our Booster seats are suitable for children between 15kg and 25kg in weight.

Like all other car rental companies there are some avoidable charges which will be levied if rules are broken. These charges relate to any speeding tickets, parking fines, toll fees, lost keys fees, incorrect fuel being added to the car …DOH! and also damage to the vehicle. But we know if you are careful and follow the terms of the rental these charges should not apply.

If you have a query about what you have been quoted, please contact our reservations team on +353 62 53103 or email us on There are more details on all our Terms & Conditions available here.

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Mobile Wifi Now available at all Dooley Car Rental Airport desks

Having access to a reliable Internet connection while on the go can be an expensive and headache-inducing endeavour, especially when traveling abroad. Roaming fees and hotel Wi-Fi charges can add unnecessary costs to your trip and searching for a hotspot can be time consuming.

We are excited to announce that Dooley Car Rentals now offer Mobile Wi-Fi powered by O2 at selected locations throughout Ireland in order to provide a mobile, reliable and affordable internet connection that works at all times.

With the Dooley Mobile Wi-Fi powered by O2, customers can connect up to five devices at one time and save money on expensive international roaming and hotel charges. It really is super easy to use. Simply switch it on, enter the password and connect – no cables, CD’s or software necessary.

You can find out more about the Mobile Wi-Fi and reserve yours on our main site. You can also pick one up with your car rental at our Dublin Airport, Shannon Airport, & Cork Airport locations.

Remember Dooley Car Rentals Price Guarantee means you will only pay what you are quoted on our site. Visit for more details

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Guinness Store House

As the Summer and hopefully good weather is fast approaching Dooley Car Rental have decided to make some suggestions to help you plan your trip. Over the next few months we will try and provide some great suggestions of places and attractions to visit. most of these suggestions are based on our car rental customers feedback and maybe one or two that we like ourselves !

If you are visiting Dublin you really must visit the Guinness Storehouse. As an attraction the Guinness Storehouse breaks the mold. It is a self guided tour and yes, it costs approx €16.50 to get in, but it’s worth almost every penny. You can learn how to pour the perfect pint. You can tour the 70 odd years of fantastic Guinness brand advertising. Don’t forget to go to the Gravity bar you can enjoy the best pint of Guinness and the best view of Dublin from the 7th floor bar. Truly its a tour like no other.

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St Patrick’s Day Festival

For many St Patrick’s Day 2013 is now a distant and sometimes hazy memory, but for some a day or weekend that will never be forgotten and here we are again with just over 2 weeks to go ready to do it all again. I personally cant wait, I simply love the buzz in the city during the St Patrick’s weekend.

The 2014 St Patrick’s Day Festival is again filled with well over a hundred fantastic events to attend, culminating in the world famous parade down O’Connell Street. We have looked at some of the events and have suggested one or two that catch our eye. There is truly something for everyone. This year the festival has an eclectic mix of Music, Comedy, Family and Sporting events not to mention the lively pub scene.

Music Events

The pick of the music events for us is the Festival Céilí, which starts at 4.00pm on the 14th March. All we can say is make sure you bring comfortable shoes and plenty of “water” although I do find my dancing improves significantly after a pint of Guinness or two.

Another great event is the Remembering Luke Kelly Tribute. Luke was a member of the famous Dubliners Band is a true Dublin legend and his music continues to live on long after his death over 30 years ago. The event is being held in the appropriate surroundings of O’ Donoghue’s where he regularly played with The Dubliners.

Family Events

For those of with Families there are plenty of fantastic events. Obviously the big one is the parade itself which starts on the 17th March at about midday. We recommend you get there early to secure a great view of the parade. There is also a Free Treasure Hunt which promises to be great fun. Solve the clues and conundrums as you visit impressive Dublin landmarks, hidden gems and more, then race or stroll back to City Hall to complete the adventure. The hunt takes about 1 Hour 45mins to complete and a special mini hunt is available to families with explorers in training, which takes about 1 hour 10 minutes to complete. There will be prizes for best dressed and entertainment throughout the day!

Registration is at City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2 from 10.00am to 1.00pm on Sat 15th.

Sporting Events
There are a number of sporting events planned for the St Patrick’s Weekend. There is the University Boat Race down the river Liffey between Trinity College & UCD. For those who like to compete or simply blow away the Guinness cobwebs, there is a 5km Road Race.The race, on Sunday 16th March, starts at 12 noon from close to the St. Stephen’s Green/Dawson St. junction and finishes on St Stephen’s Green. You wont be seeing me there in shorts !!!. If GAA is your thing you could go and watch the GAA Club Championship Finals in Croke Park. The chance to see a game of hurling up close and personal is something never to be missed.

As a big Father Ted fan I cant wait to see the Father Ted Show which is held in the Laughter Lounge just off O’Connell Street on Sat 15th. Audiences will be treated to great comedy from two of the most popular character from the Father Ted series – the wonderful Joe ‘Father Damo’ Rooney and Patrick ‘Eoin McLove’ McDonnell. We dare you to go in fancy dress like Mrs Doyle. Ah, go on, go on go on!

What ever you decide to do during the Festival we at Dooley Car Rentals hope that you truly have a memorable trip to Ireland and we wish you all a very Happy St Patrick’s Day.

More information about all the events mentioned above are available from the official St Patrick’s Day Festival Site

Should you require a rental car to do some touring on your visit please feel free to contact us at or get an immediate quote on our web site. All our car rental rates are fully inclusive and come with a guarantee that you only pay what is quoted.

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Car Hire Ireland Tips on Renting a car in Ireland

If you’re planning your holidays the last thing you need to be worrying about is renting a car in Ireland. It isn’t always as straightforward as you might think so follow some basic rules to ensure you don’t get stuck.

We would obviously always recommend you hire a car from ourselves but in any event here are a few tips to help you make car rental in Ireland as stress free as you can.

From hidden charges to being slapped with a hefty bill for items you thought were included, there are a several things you need to look out for.

Before renting the car

* Are you booking directly from a car rental company or via an online agent? If the latter, then remember they are only liable to return the administration fee you paid them if something goes wrong. With Dooley Car Rental we will refund all booking money help if you need to cancel

* When looking for the best bargain, bear in mind that very often Car Rental prices quoted online contain only the basics. Always check the price of extras that you may need during your rental: child seat, additional driver, extra insurance, collision damage waiver, excess waiver etc.

Dooley Car Rentals has a price promise guarantee that whatever you are quoted, will be exactly what you have to pay… No More !!!

* If you are picking up at the airport there is usually a compulsory charge for that but some rental companies don’t include it in the initial quote so double-check that too. Dooley Car Rental always include this fee in all quotes on our web site

* Pay special attention to the fuel policy and make sure it is explained to you clearly before you confirm the booking. You don’t want a deal where you are collecting with a full tank and returning with an empty one as you’ll be charged at inflated prices for the fuel.

Instead ask to return the car full, that way you can get the best deal yourself at the pumps.

* Make sure you are familiar with the cancellation policy, just in case. We at Dooleys provide a full refund for all bookings in the event of you requiring to cancel the car rental reservation

* If you plan on crossing a border make sure your insurance will cover you for the Northern Ireland. Once again Dooley Car Rentals are one of the few car hire companies in Ireland that do not have a separate charge for this

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The Atlantic Film Trail

The Wind that Shakes the Barley

The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Plenty of Irish talent has found fame on the silver screen, while directors both international and home-grown have been drawn to spectacular locations on our shores. From Clogher Strand on the Dingle Peninsula (where Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise cavorted in Far and Away), to Connemara (where Richard Harris fought over The Field), this Atlantic Film Trail courtesy of Failte Ireland will guide you along this stunning coastline to where great films were made.

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Dublin Writers Festival

From 23rd to 29th May Dublin City Centre will host the Dublin Writers Festival.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

This festival caters for all with writers such as John Banville, Jean-Claude Carrière, Louise Welsh and Michael Palin. Tickets are very reasonably priced and all venues are centrally located. This is a great opportunity to taste the world famous Literary Culture that Ireland has to offer.

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Discovering The Antrim Coastline By Car

Leave Belfast for Newtownabbey. Stop at Newtownabbey’s Loughshore Park with spectacular views of ships sailing from Belfast (this is where the fateful Titanic first sailed as she headed out from the famous shipyards of Harland & Wolff).

Antrim Coastline

Antrim Coastline

Make time for Carnfunnock Country Park. Here you can take the loop around Islandmagee to Portmuck Harbour. Nearby are the Gobbins Cliffs, home to a breathtaking variety of seabirds.

Back on the mainland, head northwards through a selection of villages and the Glens of Antrim will unfold before you. Slip off the side road to Gleno where four waterfalls create picture-postcard views. Just outside Larne, take the famous Antrim Coast Road.

Antrim Coastline

Antrim Coastline

The Causeway Coastal Route passes by the foot of each of the nine glens: from the south there’s Glenarm (the army glen), Glencloy (the glen of the hedges), Glenariff (the ploughman’s glen and known also as the queen of the glens), Glenballyeamon (Edwardstown Glen), Glenann (glen of the rush lights), Glencorp (glen of the laughter), Glendun (the brown glen), Glenshesk (sedgy glen) and Glentaisie (the glen of Taisie, the Princess of Rathlin Island).


Antrim Coastline

Antrim Coastline

Start off exploring one of the glens before taking in the striking views at Torr Head and the natural glories of Murlough Bay, via the picturesque village of Cushendun, with its quaint cottages.

Returning to the Causeway Coastal Route, head towards the seaside resort of Ballycastle (where ferries leave for Rathlin Island) with the option of taking in the final two glens, Glenshesk and Glentaisie.

Heading west take in the stunning scenery of the Causeway Coast before arriving at Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge spanning a 24-meter chasm. Head inland to the village of Bushmills, home to the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery.


Antrim Coastline

Antrim Coastline

Head out of Bushmills to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Giant’s Causeway, an iconic symbol of the region. Ships from the Spanish Armada once floundered off this rugged coastline and it was at nearby Port na Spaniagh where divers recovered the treasures of the galleon The Girona, now on display at The Ulster Museum in Belfast.

Heading west take in the romantic ruin of Dunluce Castle before continuing on through Portrush and Portstewart, lively seaside resorts with cosmopolitan night life.

Drive down to Downhill, Benone or Magilligan Beach and go for a walk. These windswept and dramatic beaches are so long you’ll often be the only one around.

Limavady is a vibrant market town and is next along your route, after which there is an option of travelling through the magnificent Roe Valley, where you can visit the beautiful country park before heading to Londonderry to spend the night.


Londonderry is the perfect place to end the trip and is the only completely walled city in the British Isles. Stroll along the 17th century walls and enjoy the utter friendliness of the locals.

Many Thanks to Discover Northern Ireland for providing this information.

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