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Car Hire Ireland Testimonials

ESTV London: Filming in Ireland

"We are very grateful for your help in providing us with the right size vehicle to allow us to film in Ireland"


Claypoint Productions, New York, U.S.A: Filming in Ireland

"We applauded our lucky weather and our roomy reliable Dooley vehicles"


Ventana Tourism, Italy

"We thank you very much for your welcome. The car was perfect and enjoyed a lot"


Erin World Travel, Massachusetts, U.S.A

"Thank you for making the Sweeney holiday a memorable one. They called to thank me for recommending your service"


Rinconda Travel, California, U.S.A

"This was our first visit to Ireland and we feel very fortunate to have had the use of one of your fine cars during our stay. We will recommend Dan Dooley to our many clients"


Novi Hilton, Michigan, U.S.A

"Just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your assistance during my visit to Ireland. I am finally relaxed from driving Ireland's back roads!"


Tom Brokaw, N.B.C., U.S.A

"A heartful thank you for great car service"


MassMutual, Massachusetts, U.S.A

"I want to express my sincere appreciation for the manner in which my brother's recent rental was handled. The price was extremely fair and all inclusive"


Montrose Inn, Virginia, U.S.A

"Each year we check all the majors that do business in Ireland and have without exception found Dan Dooley to be the least expensive by a substantial margin"


Round Ball Golf Tours, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

"I'm very aware of what you have done over the last few years for our clients visiting Ireland. Being in the service business as we both are, it's nice to know our vendors strive for the same high level of consumer satisfaction as we do"


Martin Shugrue, Miami, Florida, U.S.A

"Our vehicle lacked basic necessities such as operational bar, telephone, fax, etc!! Perhaps you might upgrade us next year!"


Cambridge Executive Programme, IRL/U.S.A

"Not only did my computer and accessories (left on rear seat) arrive on the next flight, but had 3 layers of packing AND I received a follow up call. That's service!"


American Travel, Florida, U.S.A

"You can bet when it comes to car rental in Ireland, it's yours"


Brian Boru Company, Massachusetts, U.S.A

"Thank you for the great cost savings"


Party Production Co., U.S.A

"Thanks again for a splendid service and co-ordination of all our transportation needs"


Senator Ted Kennedy, Massachusetts, U.S.A

"I want to thank everyone at Dan Dooley Rent-A-Car for providing such exceptionally fine service during my visit to Ireland"


Nancy Hoag Co., U.S.A

"I was involved in a small auto accident and within the hour the truck arrived with a new vehicle in tow. I was amazed. The driver helped me move belongings and made sure we were on our way"


Masonite Corp., Chicago , U.S.A

"The service was on time, comfortable and very professional"


U.S.A. Customs Service, Seattle, U.S.A

"Thank you very much for the role your car played in our 25th anniversary trip to Ireland. We are planning a return trip before too long"


Northern Ireland Children's Enterprise, New York, U.S.A

"We appreciate everything you have done to contribute to our success. Mr. Dunkel called to inform us everything went very well"


Lanier Worldwide, Inc., California, U.S.A

"... but about two weeks later what arrived at our home nicely bubble wrapped from Dan Dooley but my camera! The chances of that happening in Los Angeles are about zero. Employees with that level of integrity give a corporation a competitive edge that nobody can overcome"